Saturday, May 08, 2010

More Fecal Material Hits The Cooling Device . . .

I am so blown away by the cogent, clear, ex-Scientologists that are now appearing in droves on comment threads across the net. The quick, skillful shut down of OSA operatives like "Elsa" over on a Tony Ortega thread at the Village Voice is a case in point. I know an OSA Ronbot when I see one, but I can't shut one down like an ex-Sea Org can.

Just ten years ago, this kind of speaking out would have been unthinkable with the exception of a handful of brave people who blew the cult. The end times for Li'l Davy and his Fake Navy are truly here.

Unlike Rathbun and his cohorts, I believe that Scientology is rotten to its core, and that core was the pompous, charismatic buffoon Hubbard.

The only benefit to be gained from Scientology is in the first few courses one takes. The same benefits could be gained from a logic course at the local Junior College, some old Dale Carnegie courses or The Landmark Forum (another abusive organization unfortunately).

Once you progress past the Communications Course and a few of the other basics, the auditing starts in and that's when the problems begin. After that point, the whole of the "tech" is designed to do only one thing, control you. Control you and get you to spend ever more amounts of money for ever diminishing returns.

Like the first hit of a powerful drug, the following auditing sessions never recapture the initial high. It's then that you're really screwed, desperately trying to recapture that feeling of the initial "win" (which was a simple response to being relieved of sleep deprivation and hypnotic induction). Scientology is not alone in this type of manipulation, it just perfected it.

I have no reason to think that there is any such thing as "good Scientology". The whole thing was based on one goal: enriching a conman.

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