Saturday, June 27, 2009

A response to a victimized Scientologist . . .

Some dude over at Glosslip was whining about how his church is being attacked and it got me thinking about the three distinct generations of critics that have brought us to these interesting times . . .

Oh Robert, how these enturbulent times do my Second-Gen Critic's heart good. I count myself with those who became critics of the cult back in the early days of the internet. It was the dawn of and the LMT. The lovely Tory/Magoo was not yet our joyful muse. In those days Robert, there was no criticizing the cult publicly. You still couldn't speak out against Scientology without getting a Kobrin-Gram or a visit from Earl Cooley's goon, Eugene Ingram. Criticize, and you had crazed Scilons leafletting your neighborhood with flyers calling you a pederast or murderer. You had obscene calls to your workplace or maybe your pet drowned. You suffered like the First Gen Critics Cooper and Lerma and Wallershiem and Armstrong and Young. The cult would blackmail you and the media would believe them. They were the ultimate playground bully, who would slug you, then go fake-cry to the teacher and YOU would get punished.

Now the tables have turned. The anonymity that the internet gave us in those early days created a shitstorm of free-flowing com that the cult knew would be its undoing. The more they tried to cut off its head, the more heads it would grow. For me, it was Andreas Heldal-Lund and Bob Minton who were the biggest influences in giving me courage to speak out, online and off (you too WBM). When I would talk about the cult to my friends back then, they would just roll their eyes like I was totally nuts. They couldn't believe this crazy sounding stuff was true. It took the final shot of the Second Gen war to wake everyone else up . . . a shot fired by a cartoon character. South Park's brilliant "Trapped in the Closet" episode heralded the end of the second phase of criticism. Those years ended with Stan staring at the camera with his big, cartoon eyes saying "sue me, go ahead and fucking sue me" and I think we all nearly fell over.

So Robert, the atmosphere of open criticism you are now soaking in is the result of the work of two distinct generations of critics. Pre-internet folks who got the living crap fair-gamed out of them. Then the early internet years when the intergalactic despot was let out of the bag, so to speak. Finally came the Third Gen Critics, and the end-game for the current "church". And the architect of this end-game is Tom Cruise. Why Cruise? Because, if he hadn't fired uber PR flack Pat Kingsley, re-engaged with the cult and hired his Scilon sister to replace Kingsley, his special brand of batshit crazy would have stayed under wraps. It was his couch-jumping, cult-promoting, royal-wedding, KSW Carnival of Foot-Bullets that provoked the hornets nest of Chanology into action. It was batshit crazy "tech" with a megaphone, meeting totalitarian attempts to shut the information flow off (again) that created the Third Gen Critics. And they didn't just stay home in their parents basements as Miscavige expected . . . they marched. They chanted. They rickrolled and frolicked. There was caek and lulz and it was good.

Anyway Robert, your "church" has brought on this shitstorm itself. Of course, it was Hubbard who set it in motion originally, with his megalomania, avarice and paranoia; with his sci-fi lunacy and draconian fake navy. You are probably a public Scientologist. You're most likely not clear, certainly not an OT. You can't believe that anything like what you're seeing in the media is true. Your critical thinking skills are poor as evidenced by your long post, loaded with "church" talking-points and logical fallacies. Believe me, the "church" wants to keep you that way: credulous and forking over money. And though you won't believe it, critics are not here to attack you. We are here to help you.

For Quentin Hubbard and all the rest . . .

Personally, I think that the whole thing needs to be shut down and let the Freezoners carry on with Hubbard's batshit crazy "tech" . . . for free.

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