Sunday, April 29, 2007

Carl Sagan + Irwin Allen + Droopy + Xenu = Ron Savelo

In his Super Duper Real Scientist™ lair (which looks suspiciously like the Jupiter 2), Ron hosts Episode 7 of his hit television show, "This Old Thetan" . . .

"As you can see, this yooman brain has billions and billions of cells. It is yooooge . . . and kinda gross. Somebody get me a towel . . . eeew, this is all gushy."

Once again, L. Ron "what's all the hubbub . . . bub" Hubbard is proven to be a genius, the greatest mind of all time and yoomankind's greatest friend.

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Formerly Fooled said...

Hi, I love the blog and photo on
"Carl Sagan + Irwin Allen + Droopy + Xenu = Ron Savelo" !!!!

Have you seen the 11/02/06 video of Savelo losing it and assaulting a guy named Shawn Lonsdale down in Clearwater. Shawn was standing next to his picket sign and there came Savelo. It's prceless.
Here is the link to it:

Ron Attacks

There is also a followup called 'Ron's Return'. That and All Shawn's videos can be found here.